At VANILLA Inc, we offer branding and promotion services that expand beyond the borders of Japan.

Since 2009, we have been providing comprehensive services from web production, advertising strategy,
branding and promotion to customer touchpoints in a wide range of fields such as fashion, beauty and food & beverage.

We believe that our team’s skills and services can have a positive impact on society.

VANILLA's value rests in our ability to express things that we can truly say “YES” from the bottom of our heart to the greater world.


Web Development

Simply creating a website might not resonate with users. Following the conventional rules and methodologies of what looks good creatively and what is trendy will only have a limited effect on what the customer wants. We anticipate the market, analyse the needs and goals to propose the "best solution" in terms of both visuals and content.


In line with current trends, we plan and execute an "Inbound Marketing" strategy, carefully tailoring the experience according to the brand and service content. From strategic planning and design of web promotion to conversion, we create a flowing storytelling: after defining the target audience, we build a more specific user scenario and develop it step by step in a steady manner.

System Development

We develop, verify, and advise on everything from CMS systems to business support systems. Our motto is to respond carefully to requests, and to work closely with customers from design to construction in a detailed manner. Even if the customer is new to system operation, we will propose easy-to-understand specifications in easy-to-understand terms.

Website Analysis

Website Analysis committed to the main goals of building a website, such as business growth and recognition of the company and its services. We focus on web analysis to research the types of users and trends that are essential for web operations. We understand the users and visualize the significance of the website. We not only submit reports, but also find issues in the data and propose improvements.

Operation and maintenance

In addition to server and domain maintenance, we offer a variety of operation and maintenance services to match your business style and resources. We welcome you to our support system so that you can feel free to consult us about any problems or issues you want to solve. We will repeatedly make improvements while staying close to you in order to achieve your business goals and produce better results.

Landing Page

Our landing page’s success stems from real design: with an unique approach to the creation of the landing pages (LPs), we do not use a set template, instead we choose to customize it by repeatedly updating it based on user response. This way, we minimize the number of visitors who leave the site and guide them to the ultimate conversion goal, be that "purchase", "register", "inquiry" or other. We pride ourselves in having a phenomenal track record in converting landing page into sales from a wide selection of industries.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of getting your website to the top of the search engines to attract traffic. We keep abreast of the ever-changing Google algorithm, and propose the latest and most appropriate measures to cope with it. Based on the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, we implement both external and internal measures for your site. We achieve the best SEO results with the greatest effect and the least risk.

Set production & Catering

In order to embody the world view of a brand, we create spaces that align concept and brand image colors. We also collaborate with famous fashion and beauty brands by providing catering services for events or product sales and offer delivery services to locations and filming sites for dramas and commercials are also.



The company


Company name

Vanilla INC.

Main Office

Kamimeguro 1-3-11 YES BLDG. Meguro-ku Tokyo,Japan






Ayumi Ando


January 2009